Empty Disciples chords

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All my [G]devotion and misguided [C]loyalty
Swinging my [Em]sword in the garden while you [D]pray for your enemies
[G]All my allegiance, I loved You and [C]You alone
But who’[Em]d believe that I could mean it no[D]w that the rooster crowed?

Now we’re huddle[Am]d up here, trying to swallo[C]w our fear
We still [G]smell the bread and wine,
hear your [D]words running through our minds
Holding our [Am]breath now, for what comes [C]next now
[G]Holding out for some kind of [D]sign

But there’s empt[C]y cross, there’s an em[G]pty tomb
Fire and wind now [Em]sweeping in this tiny upper [Am]room
There’s a hungr[C]y world, there’s a ri[G]sen King
Unlock the [Em]doors, what reason more could we ever [Am]need?
So sing with [D]me, I dare you [Em]to
Because there’s a[C]n empty cross; there’s[G] an empty tomb

[G] [C] [Em] [D]

We wept from a [G]distance, watched pieces [C]of our dreams
Buried with [Em]you, every last wound sealed with [C]stone
beyond our reach
Sweet, sweet [G]Jesus, every question, [C]every fear
Vanis[Em]hing, like vapour dreams now [C]that you’re standing here

Now the tears come [G]easy, when you say you’re[C] leaving
We touched the [Em]place the nails went through,
wanting [C]one more day with you
But it’[G]s goodbye now, for a littl[C]e while now
[Em]Believing everything you said is [D]true

[C]We will sing this song to [G]make Your name live on
Until [Em]every heart hears of the [D]way You rescued us (x3)
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