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Artist: 8 Stops 7
[G]Give yourself up to m[C]e
[D]I know what your[Cadd9] thinkin[G]g
[G]and it's plain to se[C]e
[D]That you've stopped [Cadd9]believin[G]g

(same as above w/diff strum pattern)
Cause I let you down
I meant well but it changed somehow
Kept your thoughts to yourself
And when I woke up
I wished I had as well
(after final G i strum e string frets 3 2)

[Em]'Cause I missed all this to be empty
[C]Now I find, seems like I been misleading
[Em]Myself, this bridge, today, I can't win
[C]My a[Am]im is o[Em]ff

You made me proud
And I'm a foolish, selfish, cautious clown
for I've already spent
all my effort wasted on regrets


[Am]Falli[C]ng d[Em]own
[D]I should have tho[G]ught this one o[Em]ut
[Am]But I have li[C]ved a life of do[Em]ubt
[D]Never belie[G]ving what I fou[Em]nd
[Am]could p[C]ull me o[Em]ut
[D] [G] [Em] [Em](hold)
pull me out, pull me out

(back to verse chords)

I just need to be found

(single strum til [Cadd9])
Give Yourself up to me
I know what your thinking


[G]'Cause I'm here
and Your [C]not.

and thats it...not the best but works for one person with an acoustic
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