Empire chords

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Artist: Dar Williams
CAPO: 4th Fret

Who's afraid of the sun?
Who would question the [Bm]goodness of the mighty?
We who banish the [Em]threat
When your little ones [Bm]all go nighty-nighty

Well, there's [D]no time for doubt right now
And [Em]less time to explain
So get [D]back on your horses

Kiss my ring, join our next campaign

And the [Em]empire grows
With the [Bm]news that we're winning
With [Em]more fear to conquer
And more [Bm]gold thread for spinning
Bright as [Em]the sun
Shining on every[Bm]one

Some would say that we [Em]forced our words
And we find that in[Bm]genuously churlish
Words are just [Em]words
Don't be so pessi[Bm]mistic, weak and girlish

We like [D]strong, happy people
Who don't [Em]think there's something wrong with pride
[D]Work makes them free

And we spread that freedom far and wide

And the [Em]empire grows
Got the [Bm]seeds of its glory
For [Em]every five tanks
Plant a [Bm]sentimental story
'Til they worship [Em]the sun
Even Christ-loving [Bm]ones

And we'll [Em]kill the terrorisers
And a [Bm]million of their races
But when [Em]our people torture you
That's a [Bm]few random cases
Don't question [Em]the sun
It doesn't help any[Bm]one

But the journalists [Em]cried out
[G]When it [Bm]was too late to stop us
Every[Em]one had awakened
To the [G]dream they could [Bm]enter our colossus

And now I'm [D]right, here you said I'm right
There's [Em]nothing that can harm me
'Cause the [D]sun never sets

On my dungeons or my army

And the [Em]empire fell
On it's [Bm]own splintered axis
And the [Em]emperor wanes
As the [Bm]silver moon waxes

And the [Em]farmers will find old coins
In their [Bm]strawberry fields
While [Em]somebody somewhere
Twists his [Bm]ring as someone kneels
Oh, where is [Em]the sun
Shining for every[Bm]one?
Oh, where is [Em]the sun
Shining for every[Bm]one?

OUTRO: (## repeat and fade to end ##)
[Em] [Bm] [Em] [Bm] [Em] [Bm]
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