Emotion chords

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Its o[C]ver and done but t[Am]he heart ache lives on i[Em]nside
But w[C]ho is the one your clinging to in[Am]stead of me t[Em]onight

[C]where are you n[G]ow
now that I n[C]eed you
tears on my pi[G]llow
where ever you g[C]o
I cry me a ri[G]ver
that leads to your o[C]cean
you never f[Am]all apart
[G]with the words of a broken heart

Its just em[Am]otions taking me o[Em]ver
caught up in s[Am]orrow, lost in your s[Em]oul
But if you dont c[Am]ome back
c[Em]ome home to me darling
[Am]Dont you know theres
[G]nobody left in this world
[C]hold me tight
[G]nobody left in this world
[C]kiss goodnight

[G]good night
[C]good night

[C]Im there at your side Ap[Am]art of all the things you [Em]are
[C]But your not apart of someone e[Am]lse
you've gotta go find your s[Em]hining star


Hope this is alright if u have ne other ideas for it then email me!
Please dont be angry if I got it wrong because this is my first try at
figuring it out for myself with ne song! Thanx luv from Cristy xx
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