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Intro ( [G] [C] [D] ) 3x

[G]Hello this is Dee Dee
You m[D]ust be a nut
What [Em]do you want?
Im go[C]nna hang up

[G]Please sir Please [D]just one minute
[Em]Theres big trouble[C] and youre in it
[G]Your wifes at the [D]Ritz with another guy
[Em]Shes been drinking[C] we think shes pretty high
[G]Were all scared to[D] death and we dont know what to do
[Em]We thought we bett[C]er get ahold of you

[G] [B] -> [C]
Calling Mr [G]Dee Dee [D]
[D]Pick up your phone

[G] [B] -> [C]
Calling Mr [G]Dee Dee [D]
[D]You know youre home
[C]Pick up your phone

Shes always in trouble, cant take anymore
Put on my coat and Im out the door
Lit up a cigarette and hailed a cab
I was soaking wet and boiling mad
She never gives me no damned respect
Ive been good to her if Im not correct
Bought her a fur coat and a pink cadillac
Introduced her to my friends and she stabs me in the back

Now listen baby doll - you've been busted
I should have known that you cant be trusted
That aint your uncle and that ain't soda pop
Im just about to blow my top
But Ill forgive you, you know I will
Get your coat while I pay the bill
Next time go shopping if you want a thrill
Now its time for you to chill
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