Elephant Man chords

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Artist: Bigbang
[C]A church in fr[G/B]ont of a window to a wor[Dsus2]ld
[Am] he don't ne[G]ed to see anym[C]ore [Dsus2]
[C] 'Cause he's just seen[G/B] it all in a picture sh[Dsus2]ow
[Am]in a th[G]eatre long ago [C] [Dsus2]

[Asus2] We're watching movies and we [Dsus4] want[D/F#] more[Asus2]
with one more tragic life I am not [Dsus4] so [D/F#] sure[Asus2]
[Dm]The Elephant man l[F]ives on, E[G]leph[Dm]ant man live on[F] [G]

The cats were big as men and the girls would fly
Back and forth across the stage
Throwing glitter on all those down below
So amused with second and grace


One is keeping another hidden somewhere
keeping him companied
Like a picture of Dorian Gray
That no-one's allowed to see.
[Dm] The Elephant [F]man lives [G]on,[Dm] Elephant [F]man lives [G]on
[Dm] Elephant [F]man lives [G]on, [Dm]Elephant ma[F]n lives on[G] [Dsus2]
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