Elephant Hearter chords

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Artist: Dear Reader
Yo[Em]u couldn't sta[D]nd under [G]the weight I put on you
I under[Am]stand, n[C]ow it is tr[Em]ue
I can s[Em]ee that there [D]was nothing[G] you could do
with a s[Am]orrow [C]so lou[Em]d

If I c[Em]ould I'd open[D] up and let y[G]ou in
but the[Am] door has[C] no handle[Em]s and
it wou[Em]ld seem that I[D] by now ha[G]ve worn you thin
My hea[Am]rt is[C] so [Em]hard

[C]Oo[Em]ooo[E7]ooo[Am]ooo[G]oo[D]oo[Em]h, the sorr[Am]ow's too lo[Em]ud
[C]Oo[Em]ooo[E7]ooo[Am]ooo[G]oo[D]oo[Em]h, and my he[Am]art is too[Em] hard

I [Em]only wish that yo[D]u would return h[G]ome to be
And [Am]I could bathe i[C]n your familia[Em]rity
But[Em] I realise this [D]is a hopeless d[G]ream
We h[Am]ave trav[C]eled too f[Em]ar

I a[Em]lso wish that I [D]might never read [G]again
the[Am] same narrative [C]under a differ[Em]ent pen
But [Em]I fear this is[D] a circle I a[G]m in
for[Am] my heart is s[C]o ha[Em]rd

[C]Oo[Em]ooo[E7]ooo[Am]ooo[G]oo[D]oo[Em]ooh,We have trav[Am]eled too fa[Em]r
[C]Oo[Em]ooo[E7]ooo[Am]ooo[G]oo[D]oo[Em]ooh,And thi[Am]s heart is[Em] so hard

The sor[Am]row's too l[Em]oud
We have[Am] traveled t[Em]oo far
And thi[Am]s heart is [C]so ha[Em]rd
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