Elephant chords

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Artist: A Camp
[C]I caught you sm[Dm]iling [Am]
with [G]pointed[F] teeth
[C]what once was b[Dm]eautiful[Am]
has turned b[G]itter and c[F]heap
[Em]So now there's nothing I can[Dm] do for you
[Em]but leave your roses out to d[Dm]ie [F]

I [Am]misb[G]eha[F]ved
I?[Am] ?m i[G]n y[F]our way
in[Am] you[G]r w[F]ay l[Em]ike an [Dm]elephant [C]

[C]Gentle s[Dm]miling
[Am]with po[G]inted t[F]eeth
[C]now there's a[Dm] war between
[Am]my hi[G]gh hopes and [F]me
[Em]So this is how you put an [Dm]end to things
[Em]by cutting throats with a s[Dm]mile [F]

I [Am]misb[G]eha[F]ved
I'm[Am] in [G]you[F]r way
[Am]in y[G]our [F]way [Em]like an e[Dm]lephant [C]

[G]But in the corner of my m[Am]ind
[G]a little angel saying
&[Am]quot;D[G]on't waste [F]your love,
you l[Em]ove too [Dm]much

[Dm] [G6]
[Dm] [Fmaj7] X4

[Dm] [Fm]
[Dm] [G6]
[Dm] [Fm]
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