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Artist: Bob Dorough
[G7]When you're in the dark and [C7]you want to see,
[G7]You need uh ... Electricity,[C7]Electricity
[Bb]Flip that [Ab]switch and w[F]hat do you [D7]get'
You get uh ... [G7]Electricity,[C7]Electricity
[Bb]Every [Ab]room [F]can now be [D7]lit
With just uh ... [G7]Electricity,[C7]Electricity
[Bb]Where do you [Ab]think it [F]all [D7]comes from
This powerful ... [G7]Electricity, [C7]Electricity
[Bb]Through high [Ab]wires t[F]o here it [D7]comes,
[G7]They're bringing uh ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity
[Bb]Every [Ab]building [F]must be [D7]wired to use it,
[G7]Uh ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity
[Bb]Power [Ab]plants most [F]all use fire to [D7]make it,
[G7]Uh ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity
[Bb]Burnin'[Ab]fuel and [F]usin' [D7]steam,
[G7]They generate ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity
[Bb]Turn that [Ab]generator [F]by any [D7]means,
[G7]You're making uh ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity
[D7]A generator is a machine that contains [C7]a powerful
that creates a magnetic field. When wires are
rotated rapidly
through this field then a [D7]current of electricity is
Now, [C7]if we only had a [G7]superhero who could stand
here and turn
the generator real fast, then we wouldn't need to
burn so much fuel to make ... e[C7]lectricity.
[Bb]Benjamin [Ab]Franklin [F]flying his [D7]kite
Was searching [G7]for ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity.
[Bb]He knew that it had [Ab]somethin'[F]to do with [D7]lightnin',
It's all [G7]uh ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity.
[Bb]Rubbin' a [Ab]comb with [F]wool or [D7]fur will give you a
[G7]charge of
Electricity (static) [C7]Electricity
[Bb]Strokin' a [Ab]cat to [F]make it purr, [D7]you're buildin' up
Electricity, [C7]Electricity
[D7]Electricity at rest is called static electricity.
Like in the winter [C7]wearing a heavy coat,

You get a shock off the doorknob.
Or you [D7]scrape across a carpet
And sneak up on [G7]your very best friend,

And zap 'im on the ear with a shock of-

Electricity, Electricity
[Bb]Current [Ab]flowing [F]to and [D7]fro, makes a circuit of
[G7]Electricity, [C7]Electricity.
[Bb]Voltage is the [Ab]pressure that [F]makes it [D7]go.
It's pushin' [G7]uh ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity ...
[Bb]Watts will [Ab]tell you [F]just how [D7]much

You'll be usin'
[G7]Uh ... Electricity, [C7]Electricity.
[Bb]PowerFul [Ab]stuff, so [F]watch that [D7]plug! It's potent
[G7]Electricity, [C7]Electricity.
[G7]Electricity, [C7]Electricity.
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