Electricity chords

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Artist: Delain
5x [Bm] [G] [Em] [Bm]

[Bm]I can't forget the faces. I can't forget the sounds. I can't forget, can't
get the f[G]ever down

[Bm]I guess imagination. It makes it come around. Whenever lightning strikes and
[G]thunder sounds.

[Em] We s[Bm]hared nothi[Em]ng, but s[Bm]torm, but wi[C]nd. One rains wept moment [D]stuck within.


[Bm]Day by [F#m]day - [Bm]I walk the di[F#m]stance a[D]lone, walk the d[Em]istance al[F#m]one
[Bm]Day by [F#m]day, I f[Bm]ight t[F#m]he fever a[D]lone, fight th[Em]e fever al[F#m]one

[Bm] [G] [Em] [Bm]

[Bm]I can't forget the shaking. Your hands over my own. Both hot with fever
To our v[G]ery bones.
[Bm]I do regret the feeling, that we will never know what might have happened
had we [G]not let go.


2x [C#m] [A] [F#m] [C#m]

[C#m] [A] [F#m] [C#m]

[C#m] I can't forget the fa[A]ces, I c[F#m]an't forget the sou[C#m]nds

Chorus (2 or more times ;) )
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