Electric Blue Eyes chords

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Artist: Cranberries
[Em]Electric [Bm]blue eyes [C]where did you [Bm]come from
[Em]Electric [Bm]blue eyes [C]who sent [Bm]you
[Em]Electric [Bm]blue eyes [C]always be [Bm]near me
[Em]Electric [Bm]blue eyes [C]I need [Bm]you

Nah nah noh,nah nah noh! (same chords)-
[Em] [Bm] [C] [Bm] - Chorus
Domina,Domina deus, -
[Em] [Bm] [C] [Bm] -
Domina adjuva me -

[Em]If you should [Bm]go you should [C]know I am[Bm] here(twice)
[Em]Always be [Bm]near me g[C]uardian[Bm] angel
[Em]Always be [Bm]near me, t[C]here's n[Bm]o fear

Chorus again...
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