Demonic Possession chords

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[D]Demonic Posse[A]ssion
His c[G]ourt's in se[D]ssion
[D]I sign my con[A]fession
Dem[G]onic Poss[D]ession
[D]It was raining on the day she t[A]old me
them t[G]hings that fella s[D]old me
Mama wasn't there to [A]scold me
No [G]prison or cell could h[D]old me

I still recall the d[A]ate
I'z pr[G]obably about e[D]ight
when I sealed my [A]fate
You [G]honor I rightly s[D]tate
[D]Suddenly I had a f[A]oot hold
[G]I became such a [D]butthole
I don't need nobody cons[A]oling me
No [G]one but the devil cont[D]rolling me
I can kick ass and talk b[A]ackward
[G]I hang out with a whole bunch of s[D]lackers
and I know I can get some he[A]lp from him
I[G] listen to a lot of Led Ze[D]ppelin
[D]I got so much money I [A]don't need smarts
My r[G]ecords are flying to the t[D]op of the charts
and I'm eating in all those fancy rest[A]aurants
and H[G]anging out with Jerry Lee L[D]ewis
and I owe it all to [A]him
[G]Oh, the shape I'm [D]in
The devil says the only thing that's bug[A]gin him
is H[G]ell's filling up with Repub[D]licans

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