Come And Drink chords

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Artist: Al Bano
For the h[Eb]eart that burns like des[Bb]ert s[F]and
From the b[Eb]roken promis[Bb]es of [F]man
For the [Gm]one who?s [Bb/D]wandered f[E]ar and [Bb]wide
Only t[Eb]o be le[Bb]ft em[Fsus]pty in[F]side

[Bb]Here is water from the s[Eb]pring of l[Bb]ife
Ever ov[Eb]erflow[Bb]ing it will [Fsus]not run d[F]ry
And a[Gm]ll who taste it will be s[Eb]ati[Bb]sfied
Neverm[Eb]ore[Bb/D] to t[Fsus]hirst
Come and d[Bb]rink

For the l[Eb]ife that?s lived in h[Bb]idden s[F]hame
Undern[Eb]eath the weight of g[Bb]uilt and b[F]lame
For the s[Gm]oul that?s [Bb/D]desperate f[E]or [Bb]relief
Yet to f[Eb]ind the so[Bb]urce of p[Fsus]erfect p[F]eace

Come and dr[Eb]ink
Whoa ? oh ? o[F]h
Whoa ? oh ? [Gm]oh
Whoa ? oh ?[F/A] oh
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