Clyde Waters Child 216 chords

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[C]Willie stands in his [F]stable door
And he's [C]combing his [G7]coal black [C]steed
And he's thinking of fair [F]Margaret's love
And his [C]heart [G7]began to [C]bleed

"[C]Mother, fetch my [F]hat and coat
[C]Help me tie them [G7]on
[C]I'll away to fair [F]Margaret's bower
[C]Before the [G7]night comes [C]on"

[C]"Stay at home with [F]me, dear Willie
Toni[C]ght there c[G7]omes a s[C]torm
I'll lay the table ha[F]ndsomely
Your [C]bed be [G7]soft and [C]warm"

[C]"Your tables, mother, a[F]nd your beds
They ca[C]nnot bring me r[G7]est
[C]I'll away to fair M[F]argaret's bower
[C]Before the n[G7]ight has p[C]assed"

[C]"If you go to fair [F]Margaret's bower
My [C]curse will g[G7]o with [C]thee
And the deepest part of the [F]Clyde Water
[C]Drowned [G7]you shall [C]be"

[C]"The good steed that I [F]ride upon
C[C]ost me thrice thirty p[G7]ounds
I'll[C] put my trust in [F]his swift feet
To [C]take me [G7]safe and [C]sound"

[C]He's rode over the [F]high, high hill
[C]Down the [G7]dewy [C]glen
And the rushing in the [F]Clyde Water
Would have [C]feared five[G7] hundred [C]men

[C]"Roaring Clyde, you [F]roar so loud
Your [C]streams are wondrous [G7]strong
[C]Make me a wreck as [F]I come back
[C]Spare me [G7]as I'm [C]going"

[C]And when he came to fair [F]Margaret's gate
He's[C] called to[G7] her withi[C]n
"Rise up, rise up, maid[F] Margaret
[C]Rise up and [G7]let me [C]in!"

[C]"Who's that stands at my [F]garden gate
[C]Calling maid Margaret's [G7]name?"
"It's[C] only your first love, [F]sweet William
[C]This night [G7]come to your [C]home -

[C]Open your door, maid [F]Margaret
[C]Open and l[G7]et me [C]in
My boots are full of the [F]Clyde Water
[C]And I'm [G7]shivering to the [C]skin"

"My [C]stable is full of [F]horses, Willie
[C]My barns are full of [G7]hay
And my[C] bowers are full of[F] gentlemen
[C]They'll not [G7]remove 'til [C]day"

[C]"Fare thee well, maid [F]Margaret
[C]Fair thee [G7]well, a[C]dieu
[C]A curse my mother laid[F] on me
For [C]coming this [G7]night to [C]you"

[C]He's rode over the [F]high, high hill
[C]Down the [G7]dewy glen
And the [C]rushing in the [F]Clyde Water
[C]Took Willie's[G7] hat from [C]him

[C]Then he's leaned him over the[F] saddlebow
[C]To fetch his [G7]hat ag[C]ain
And the rushing in the [F]Clyde Water
[C]Took Willie's [G7]coat from [C]him

[C]And he's leaned him over his [F]saddlebow
To [C]catch his coat by [G7]force
And the [C]rushing in the [F]Clyde Water
[C]Took Willie [G7]from his [C]horse

[C]The very hour this [F]young man sank
[C]Down in the [G7]water deep
Then [C]up and rose maid [F]Margaret
[C]Out of her [G7]drowsy [C]sleep

[C]"Come here, come here, my [F]mother dear
[C]I've dreamed a dreary[G7] dream
I [C]dreamed my lover was at[F] our gate
[C]And nobody [G7]let him i[C]n"

[C]"Lie down, lie down, maid M[F]argaret
[C]Your lover's [G7]come and [C]gone
The sport you would have [F]made with him
[C]I've played it [G7]for my [C]own"

[C]Nimbly, nimbly, [F]rose she up
[C]Down to the river's [G7]brim
But the [C]louder that this l[F]ady cried
The [C]louder [G7]blew the [C]wind

[C] [F] [C] [G7] [C] [F] [C] [G7] [C]

[C]The very first step that [F]Margaret took
She [C]stepped up [G7]to her f[C]eet
And "Oh, and alas", this[F] lady sighs
"Your [C]water's [G7]wondrous [C]deep"

[C]And the very next step that [F]she went in
[C]She's waded to her [G7]knee
Says sh[C]e, "I would wade f[F]arther in
If [C]I my true l[G7]over could [C]see"

[C]And the very last step that [F]she went in
She [C]stepped up [G7]to her [C]chin
And the deepest part of the [F]Clyde Water
[C]She found s[G7]weet William [C]in

[C]"You have had a [F]cruel mother, Willie
[C]I have [G7]had another
[C]And now we sleep in [F]Clyde Water
[C]Like sister [G7]and like b[C]rother"

[C] [G7] [C]
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