Closed Door chords

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Artist: Dfc Worship
[C#m] There is only one
[A2]Only You my God
[C#m]No one else will do, but You [E]
[C#m]Your love has won my heart
[A]Nothing can take your place
[C#m]The rhythm of the sound
[A]Displays your heartbeat [Bsus] -

[D2]Shall I turn [A]my back away? [E]
[D2]Shall I separate[A] my heart to your emb[E]race? [B]

I’m closing [E]doors, to this world I know [C#m]
Openin[D]g my heart, to You, my God,
[A2]Reveal your splendor [Am7]

I’m closing d[E]oors, to myself I know [C#m]
You’re my God[D] , my love, my all, Oh
You satis[A]fy me [B]

Shutting down, all th[A]e doors [E]
I won’t turn aw[C#m]ay, turn away [B]
I will run, [A2]back to you [E]
I won’t turn [C#m]away, turn away [B]
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