Close To No chords

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[D]Though I long to,
[Am]Though I try to,
[G]Figure it[D] out I'm told,
[D]There's no way of[C] knowing.
[D]Still I long to[G7] ,
[G]Long to know[D] . [Am]

[D]Hold on through it,
[Am]Pray I'll fool it,
[G7]Loosing it al[D]l I'm told,
[Am]At the rate I'm going.
[D]Never learning, [G7]
N[G]ever clos[D]e. [Am]

[D] [C] [G]
[D]I will prove it,
[AM]Hold on to it,
[G]Give it my hear[D]t and soul,
[D]With the chance[C] I'll lose it. [G] [C]

[D]When I find you, [A7]
I[G] will know[D] . [Am]

[D] [C] [G]
[D] [C] [G] [Am]

[F]Next to nothing,
[F]Far from ove[C]r,
[C]Close to n[F]owh[D]ere. [Am] [D] [Am] [D]

[Am] [D] [Am] [D] (repeat to end).
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