Close Every Door chords

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[Em]Close every door to me, [B7]Hide all the world from me.
[Em]Bar all the [C]windows and [Am]shut out the l[B7]ights.
[Em]Do what you want with me, [B7]Hate me and laugh at me
[Em]Darken my [C]daytime and [Am]torture my [B7]night
[G]If my life were [C]important I would [D]ask will I live or [G]die
[F]But I know the [Em]answers lie [C]far from this [B7]world
[Em]Close every door to me, [B7]keep those I love from me
[Em]Chilfren of [C]Israel are [Am]never a-[B7]lone
[G]For I know I [C]shall find my [D]own piece of [G]mind
[F]For I have been [Em]promised a [C]land of my [B7]own


[Em]Just give me a number [B7]instead of my name
[Em]Forget all about me and [B7]let me decay
[Em]I do not matter, [B7]I'm only one person
[Em]Destroy me [C]completely then [Am]throw me [B7]away
[G]For we know we [C]shall find our [D]own piece of [G]mind
[F]For we have been [Em]promised a [C]land of our [B7]own


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