Clinically chords

Transpose 0
[PART 1]
[C]and i get so scared of [A]all this [G]sadness
[C]because it’s been years, what [A]if this [G]shit lasts
[C]forever and [A]ever and [G]ever
[C]why can’t my [A]brain just get [G]better

[C] [A] [G]

[PART 2]
[C]and i get scared of [A]all this [G]madness
[C]and how my songs [A]all sound the [G]same
[C]can’t write the [A]way i [G]used to,[C] cause i can [A]barely [G]think
[C]i used to smile without [A]feeling [G]so lame
[C]but i only see [A]glass i [G]break
[C]i used to think that i was [A]so damn [G]handsome
[C]now i [A]think that i [G]gave up too late

[C] [A] [G]

[PART 3]
[C]guess i’ve got some friends that [A]i can [G]hold near
[C]but i miss the [A]old ones [G]too
[C]but now i [A]keep my [G]mouth shut
[C]i felt crazi[A]er with [G]you

[C] [A] [G]
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