Clench My Teeth chords

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Capo I

Chords: [C] , [Am] , [F] , [G]

[C]I woke up last night,
[Am]To the sound of your cries.
[F]After six different stat[G]es I still wake [C]up.

[C]I woke up last night,
[Am]As hard as I tried,
[F]After six differ[G]ent names your what come[C]s out.

[Am]And in the morning, [G]my face hu[C]rts
From the[Am] way I clench my teeth, [G]
When your face co[C]mes cre[G]eping in. [Am]
[F]I tend to [G]clench my teeth a lot. [C]

[C]You said that one night,
[Am]"You know, as hard as you try,
You'll n[F]ever pull the wool o[G]ver my eyes.[C]"

[C]So I said in the reply,
"Yo[Am]u know, I've got some things to hide. It's true. [F]
But it's only wi[G]th you that I hi[C]de so much."

[Am]And in the morning, [G]my face hurts [C]
From the[Am] way I clench my teeth, [G]
With your le[C]gs around m[G]e tight [Am]
[F]I tend to [G]clench my teeth a[C] lot.
[F]I tend to cle[G]nch my teeth a lot. [C]

But this[Am] morning you said tha[G]t your legs hurt, [C]
Because [Am]when I clench my teeth [G]
You squeeze them just to[C] let me know you[G] are there. [Am]
[F]You say I clench[G] my teeth too much. [C]

[Am]Just keep squeezing babe[G] ,
Just don't gi[C]ve up.
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