Clearing chords

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Artist: Alex Pryor
[Cm] [Ab] [Bb]

[Cm]The leaves [Eb]rustle as I take my next [Bbadd9]step
[Cm]my soul gets [Ab]lighter with every [Bb]breath
[Cm]this is a [Eb]circle of forbidden [F]land
[Cm]I shouldn't be [Ebadd9]here
and yet [F]here I stand

Cmadd9 [Bbadd9] [Abadd9] [Eb] [Bb]
Past the spiderwebs and in the bright sunshine
Cmadd9 [Bbadd9] [Abadd9] [Eb] [Bb]
there's a clearing that I hope I'm going to find
with a [Fm]spring to [Eb]drink from and a [Cm]place to catch my [Bbsus4]breath [Bb]
That's [Fm]what I [Eb]hope for, but is it [Cm]waiting at the [Bbsus4]end? [Bb]


[Cm]In the eye of the [Eb]storm of subur[Bbadd9]bia
[Cm]I'm not being [Ab]urged to hurry [Bb]up
[Cm]By my[Eb]self I feel I [F]belong
[Cm]out here [Ebadd9]I don't have to [F]feel so lost

Cmadd9 [Bbadd9] [Abadd9] [Eb] [Bb]
As I sit down the waves in my hair are blown
Cmadd9 [Bbadd9] [Abadd9] [Eb] [Bb]
by the wind telling me that I'm not alone
and the [Fm]thinnest [Eb]trees start to [Cm]lose stabil[Bbsus4]ity [Bb]
[Fm]just like [Eb]me, they have [Cm]some fragi[Bbsus4]lity [Bb]

[Fm] [Eb] [Cm] [Bb]
[Fm] [Eb] [Cm] [Bbsus4] [Bb]
[Fm] [Eb] [Cm] [Bb] [Fm]

Cmadd9 [Bbadd9] [Abadd9] [Eb] [Bb]
Although I haven't found a clearing quite yet,
Cmadd9 [Bbadd9] [Abadd9] [Eb] [Bb]
I try to own the path I took with no regret
and though [Fm]I can't turn [Eb]back now
I'll [Cm]find another [Bbsus4]path [Bb]
to [Fm]take me [Eb]to the place where I[Cm] belong at [Bbsus4]last. [Bb]
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