Charlemagne chords

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[G7] [D7] [C7] x2

[G7]She got a red dress
[G7]Kickin' up pretty heels
[G7]She's playing the money games
[G7]Givin' us men a thrill
[C7]Spendin' nights in Sin City
[C7]Wearin' all the upper class women down

She [D7]cannot or she could n[C7]ot
Change her name to [G7]Jezebel
Well, [D7]never once did she try
[C7]No, no, no, she couldn't change her name to [G7]Jezebel

[D7] [C7] [G7]

[G7]I got an army then I gave them spears
[G7]But then I seize the power
[G7]And I went around for a hundred years
I was doin' alr[C7]ight
[C7]Takin' what I need and what I [G7]wanted to

I [D7]did not and I could n[C7]ot
Change my name to [G7]Charlemagne
Well, [D7]never once did I try
But [C7]no, no, no, I couldn't change my name to [G7]Charlemagne

[G7] [C7] [G7] [D7] [C7] [G7]

[G7]Sailin' up past Jupiter, Venus in my skies
[G7]Well, then I'm headin' back for the water
[G7]It's comin' as no surprise
And am I doing alr[C7]ight
They even gonna check my [G7]fingerprints

But I [D7]was not and I never could b[C7]e
Never couldn't be no [G7]astronaut
But [D7]never once did I try
[C7]No, no, no, no, I'll never be no [G7]astronaut

And I [D7]did not or I could n[C7]ot
Change my name to [G7]Charlemagne
[G7]No, Charlemagne, yeah, yeah, yeah

[D7] [C7] [G7] [D7] [C7] [G7]
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