Two Weeks chords

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Artist: Fka Twigs
intro: [C]

[Am] [G]

I know [C]it hu[G]rts
You kn[Am]ow, [G] I'd quench [C]that thirst
[G](I can treat you better than them)
You say you'r[F]e lon[G]ely
I say you[C]'ll think[G] about it
'Cause you're t[F]he only
[G]One who res[C]onates that chest
Mouth open like (H[Am]igh)[G] [Em]
[F]Higher than a motherfuc[G]ker, dreami[F]n' of it, [Am]it's[Bm] my[G] lovin'
[F]Flying like a screamin' [G]falcon, on o[C]ur ways to d[Am]o e[G]ac[Em]h other
[F] [C] [F] [Am] - [G] [Em] [F]
Pull out the incisor, give me two weeks, you won't recognize her
Mouth [G]open,[F] you're high[Am] [G]
I know [Am]it hu[G]rts
You kn[Am]ow, [G] I'd put[Am] you first
[C](I can treat you better than her)
You say you[Am] want me[G]
I say you[C]'ll live wi[G]thout it
Unless you're t[F]he only
[G]One who ins[C]tigates
Get your mouth[G] , ope[C]n your hea[Am]rt [G] [Em]
[F]Higher than a motherfuc[G]ker, dreamin[Am]' of it, it[Am]'s [G]my[Em] lovin'
[F]Flying like a screamin' [G]falcon, on o[C]ur ways to do[Am] ea[G]ch[Em] other
[F]Pull out the incisor, g[G]ive me two weeks,[F] you won'[Am]t reco[C]gn[G]iz[F]e her
Mouth [G]open,[F] you'[C]re high
[Am]Feel your body cl[Bm]osin', I[Am] can [F]rip[Em] it[G] open
[Am]Suck me up, I'm hea[Dm]lin' for the [Am]shit you're dealin'
[C]Smoke on your skin to get [G]those pre[Am]tty eyes rollin'
My thighs are apart for when [G]you're ready to breathe in
[F]Suck me up, I'm healin' for the shit you're dealin'
Hi, motherfucker, get your mouth open, you know[C] you're mine

I'd put you first
Just[G] close your eyes and dream about it
[C]Higher than [F]a motherfuc[G]ker, dreami[C]n' of it, it's my lovin'
[Am]I'll quench your thirst
Just[Bm] chase around a[G]nd stop your doubtin'
[F]Flying like a screamin' falcon
[G]On our ways t[C]o do each ot[Am]her (hi[G]gh, [Em]high, high, high)
[C]Higher than[F] a motherfuc[G]ker, dreami[C]n' of it, it[Am]'s [G]my[Em] lovin'
[C]Flying lik[F]e a screamin' [G]falcon, on o[C]ur ways to [Am]do [G] [Em]
P[F]ull out the incisor, g[C]ive me two weeks, y[F]ou won't[Am] rec[C]og[G]ni[F]ze her
Mouth [G]open,[F] you're [C]high
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