Theres Water Over You chords

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Artist: Colin Hay
[G] [D] [Cadd9] 2x

[G]I can feel your [D]love come [Cadd9]shining. [G]Over and [D]across the [Cadd9]sea.
[G]There never was a [D]light more [Cadd9]blinding. [G]Ever watching [D]over [Cadd9]me.

[G]I walk [Bm]into the [C]swirling [D]wind. [G]It carries [Bm]me awa[C]y. [D]
[G]Back to [Bm]where my [C]life [D]begins. [C]Can you hear me [D]say?

[G]I can see you [D]where you're [Cadd9]hiding, [G]and there's water [D]over [Cadd9]you.
[G]I know that you [D]are [Cadd9]pretending, [G]and there's water [D]over [Cadd9]you.

[G]I walk [Bm]beside you [C]on the [D]wharf. [G]Oh, so [Bm]far awa[C]y. [D]
[G]You will [Bm]catch me [C]if I [D]fall. [C]Can you hear me [D]say?

[Dm]Love and [E]all secur[Am]ity. [C]These are [D]things you give to[Bm] me[D] . [Bm] [D]

[G]I can touch you [D]when I'm [Cadd9]dreaming. [G]Long into the [D]lonely [Cadd9]night.
[G]You hold me when [D]I wake up [Cadd9]screaming. [G]Everything will [D]be [Cadd9]alright.

[G]And if I [Bm]had to [C]choose [D]between [G]meeting [Bm]God or [C]you.[D]
[G]I would [Bm]wake my [C]king and [D]queen. [C]There's water over [D]you.

[Dm]Love for [E]all eter[Am]nity. [C]This and [D]more you give to[Bm] me[D] . [Bm] [D]

G D Cadd9 2x (It's nice to end it out with the finger picking)
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