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Artist: Cranberries
[Bm]Don't listen to what they s[D]ay,
Make up your m[G]ind, walk away,[D]
Oh d[Bm]on't even give them the time of da[D]y,
They put you w[G]rong, turn away[D] .

So [Bm]why'd they all just walk a[D]way,
There was something w[G]rong,
But you don't want to [D]say.
Oh [Bm]why did they listen to someone else[D] ,
I did something w[G]rong,

Something...[Drum crash]

[A]Oh that attitude,
They all got that attitude.

[Bm]Something they s[D]ay,
Make up your min[G]d, walk away[D] ,
Oh [Bm]oh never happen agai[D]n,
They've all gone wr[G]ong, gone insane[D] .
That's [Bm]why they all just walked awa[D]y,
There was nothing w[G]rong,
Didn't want to sa[D]y.
Oh that's [Bm]why they listened to somebody els[D]e,
I did nothing w[G]rong,
Nothing I could s[D]ay.

That's wh[Bm]y, that's wh[D]y,
[G] [D] , [Bm]
That's why, that's why,
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