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Artist: Pascal Pinon

[Bb5]We should have left our hea[F5]rts in the forest
[G5]Where they first met
[Bb5]We take them back but [F5]now they are broken
[G5]And start to slowly forget


[Eb5]And if I don't see you now
[Bb5]I'll see you another year
[F5]We will be reunited
[G5]Someday, somewhere
[Eb5]And our love it will fade
[Bb5]But we know it was there
[F5]We can make it reappear
[G5]Someday, somewhere

[Eb5]Cherish and embrace it
[Bb5]Appreciate the time we got
[F5]I ask you to forget me not
[G5]Someday, somewhere
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