Say Goodnight chords

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Artist: Cher Lloyd
[G]What if daddy was right?
What if there's no f[A]orever[AM] ?
Would you kiss me good[D]night? [C]
So that I could remembe[G]r?

Keep you frozen in time
Like they do in th[A]e pictur[AM]es
And if I clos[EM]e my eye[D]s, [C]
would I still think of pati[G]ence?
St[C]ay with me don't disa[D]ppear
To tell the[BM] truth, I need you[EM] here
I'm afraid, [C]I can barely br[D]eath
I need you[BM]r words, to comfort[EM] me
Say [C]goodnight,
[D]wo[C]uld you say goodnight? [G]

What if daddy was right?
And I knew all the answ[AM]ers?
But they could give me th[D]e world [C]
But that wouldn't matte[G]r
If the gate's [A]open wide,[AM] and make you an angel
Through tears in my e[D]yes, I'd sa[C]ve your seat at the ta[G]ble

So stay with[C] me, don't disa[D]ppear
To tell th[BM]e truth, I need you he[EM]re
I'm afr[C]aid, I can barely brea[D]th
I need your[BM] words, to comfort me[EM]
[C]Say goodnight, [G]
[EM]would [BM]you say good[C]night?
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