Say Goodbye chords

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intro: [A] , [E] , [D]

So here [A]we are tonight
You and me [E]together
The storm o[D]utside, the fire is bri[A]ght
And in your eyes I see
What\'s on my [E]mind
You\'ve got [D]me wild
Turned around in[A]side
And then desire, s[E]ee, is creeping
Up he[D]avy inside here
And know [A]you feel the same way
I do now
Now let\'s make this an e[E]vening
Lovers for a [D]night, lovers for ton[A]ight
St[Bm]ay here with [E]me, love, ton[A]ight
Just for an eve[D]ning
[Bm]When we make
Our passion pict[E]ures
You and me [A]twist up
Secret cre[F#m]atures
And we\'ll [D]stay here
[D]Tomorrow go back to being fri[A]ends

Go back to being fri[A]ends
But toni[E]ght let\'s be lovers,
We kiss a[D]nd sweat
We\'ll turn [A]this better thing
To the best
Of all we c[E]an offer, Just a[D] rogue kiss
Tangled tongues a[A]nd lips,
See me this way
I\'m turn[E]ing and turning for you
Gir[D]l just tonig[A]ht

[Bm]Float away here wit[E]h me
An e[A]vening just wait a[D]nd see
Bu[Bm]t tomorrow go back to your[E] man
I\'m back to my world
And we\'re bac[A]k to being f[F#m]riends
Wait [Bm]and see m[E]e,
[A]Tonight let\'s do this t[D]hing
All we [Bm]are is wasting h[E]ours until the sun [A]comes up it\'s[F#m] all ours
On our way [D]here
Tom[D]orrow go back to being f[A]riends [E] [D]

[A]Go back to being friends
Tonigh[E]t let's be love[D]rs, oh please tonight let's[A]be lovers
[A]Say you will, tonight let's be l[E]overs
Oh ple[D]ase tonight let's be[A]lovers
[Bm]And hear me [E]call, [A]soft-spoken whispering[D]love
A thi[Bm]ng or two I have to say h[E]ere
[A]Tonight let's go all the[F#m]way them
Love I'll see [E]you
[A]Just for this ev[D]ening
Let's st[Bm]rip down, trip out of t[E]his
One [A]evening starts with a k[D]iss
Run aw[D]ay

[A]And tomorrow back to b[Gm]eing frie[D]nds, yeh now[Gm]you
[A]Just for tonight, one [Gm] y[D]ou
[A]And tomorrow say goo[Gm]dbye [D]
[A]And tomorrow say goo[Gm]dbye [D]
[A]And tomorrow say goo[Gm]dbye [D]
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