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Artist: Banks
[G] [D] [A] [E] [G] [D] [A] [Bm] [A]

[C] [Bm] [C] [Bm]

[E]I go over [C]every word you [Bm]said to me
[E]Every single [C]syllable I [Bm]could repeat
[E]Certified to scuba div[Bm]e in my memo[D]ry[C] [Bm]
[E]Why didn't you tell me how you [Bm]felt that day
How was I sup[C]posed to know, I [Bm]can't mind read
[E]How was I sup[D]posed to s[C]ee, it was[Bm] undern[D]eath

[Bm]Caught you singing from the c[E]eiling
I [D]thought that meant [E]you were healing
Looking [D]back, I see[E] the meanin[D]g [E]
[G] I didn't notice the tee[D]thing
Why didn't you sa[G]y you need me
[G](Why don't you say what you mean)[Bm] [E] [Bm]

[E]Shoulda read in[C]to you drifting [Bm]from your friends
[E]But you were the [C]apple of both[Bm] of my eyes
[E]So I couldn't see the sig[C]ns, baby, [Bm]I was blind[D] (blinded)
[E]Miss being self-[C]conscious while you [Bm]laughed at me
[E]Said it was em[C]barrassing, but [Bm]secretly
[E]it made me feel [D]special when I [C]saw you smil[Bm]e 'cause of m[D]e

[E]Caught you sing[D]ing from the [G]ceiling
[Bm]I thought that meant you were [A]healing
Looking back, [D]I see the [G]meaning, wish I asked [Bm]more [A]
I didn't notic[G]e the teething
[G]Why didn't you say you need me
[G](Why don't you say what you mean)
[G](I told you I'm sorry)

[D]I donate my love, [A]I don't m[E]y
[G]I do, I [D]donate my [A]love[Bm] [A]

[G]I gave you nothing, I [D]understand, I [A]understand, I [G]gave you nothing[A] [D]
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