Saw Her Standing chords

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Artist: Ballyhoo
Intro: [A#] [Dm] [Eb] [Ebm]

[A#]Saw her standing there
[Dm]Flower in her hair
[Eb]When the song went away so did [Ebm]she
[A#]Left me standing here
[Dm]Eyes welled up with tears
[Eb]Drowning me alive in all my [Ebm]fears

[Gm]And everytime I touch your face
[D#]All I feels an empty space
[A#]And I am always chasing [Dm]you
[Gm]And if you say two words to me
[D#]I want to hear what you said
[A#]Cause I can't speak to the [Dm]dead

[D#]And when it all goes down
[F]You won't be around
[Gm]And I don't know if I can [Cm]take it
[D#]I'm still holding [F]on

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