Saviour Machine chords

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Artist: David Bowie
[Am]President Joe once had a [F]dream.
The world held his [G]hand,gave their pledge.
So he told then his [F]scheme four a Saviour Ma[G]chine.

[Am]They called it the Prayer,its answer was[F]law.
Its logic stopped[G]war,gave them food.
How they adored[F]till it cried in its bore[G]dom.

[Bb]Please don't be[A]alive in me,[C]please disa[Db]gree vith me.
[Bb]Life is too[A]easy,a[C]plague seems[Db]feasible now[Eb]or [Db]maybe a
[Eb]war.[Db]I may kill you[C]all


[Am]Don't let me[G]stay,don't let me[F]stay.
My logic says [G]burn so send me[Am]away.
[Am]Your minds are too[G]green,i despise all.I've[F]seen.
You can't stake your[G]lives on a Saviour Ma[G]chine.

[Bb]I need you[A]flying,and[C]I'll show that[Db]dying
It[Bb]living be[A]yond reason,[C]sacred[Db]dimension[Eb]of time.
[Db]I percive every[Eb]singn.[Db]I can steal every[C]mind.
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