Saving Myself For Jesus chords

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Artist: Birdcloud
[A]Honey I feel your bone I’d rather sit here all alone
Oh, hone[D]y I feel your bone I’d rather sit here all a[A]lone

[A]You tell me that you love me, don’t try and corrupt me
I’m savi[E]ng myself for J[A]esus

[A]You can titty fuck, tie me up dry hump me
And sl[D]ap me in the face, Ill even let you call me m[A]ommy

[A]He died upon the cross, let me get my point across
My hym[E]en belongs to J[A]esus

[A]Honey I’ll roll over, let you poke me in the back door
[D]Honey I’ll roll over, I’ll let you cram it in my back [A]door

[A]I ain’t gonna be one of those Mary Magdalene whores
My pus[E]sy belongs to J[A]esus

[A]I ain’t going to hell like dem som bitch Muslims
[D]The Catholics and the Jews and Osama bin L[A]adens

[A]I ain’t goin to hell like ole Charlie Manson,
[D]Jimmy Carter or the fuckin unibo[A]mber

[D]And when we get married then I’ll l[A]et you pop my cherry
And I’ll lo[D]ve you like the devil at our ho[A]me in Sh[E]elbyville

[D]And we’ll go up to heaven and we’ll me[A]et old baby Jesus
You’ll be so [D]glad that we waited; you’ll be s[A]o glad that we w[E]aited
[D]Honey I feel your bo[A]ne
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