Save Your Heart For Me chords

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Artist: Brian Hyland
INTRO: [E] [B] [Dbm] [A] [B]

[E]Walk along the lake with [Abm]someone new,
[Gbm]have yourself a summer [Am]fling or two.
[E]but remember I'm in [A]love [Ab]with [Dbm]you, [A]and [E]save
your heart for [B]me.

[E]When the summer moon is [Abm]on the rise,
[Gbm]and you're dancin' under [Am]starlit skies,
[E]please don't let stars get [A]in [Ab]your [Dbm]eyes, [A]just [E]save
your [B]heart for [E]me.

[Dbm]When you're all alone, [Abm]far away from home,
[Gbm]someone's gonna [B]flirt with [E]you.
[Dbm]I don't think it's wrong, [Abm]if you play along,
[A]just don't fall for [B]someone new.

[E]When the autumn winds [Abm]begin to blow,
[Gbm]and the summertime is [Am]long ago,
[E]you'll be in my arms [A]again [Ab]I [Dbm]know, [A]so,
[E]save your [Abm]heart for [A]me, [Am]darlin', [E]save [Dbm]your [Abm]heart
[B]for [E]me.

INTERLUDE: [E] [Abm] [Gbm] [A]

[E]Please remember I'm in [A]love [Ab]with [Dbm]you, [A]so,
[E]save your [Abm]heart for [A]me, [Am]darlin', [E]save [Dbm]your [Gbm]heart [B]for [E]me.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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