Save Me chords

Transpose 0
Capo: 9

This is a simple chords to complete this song; and though the capo seems quite a
high number, it is easy to play and sounds almost like the original. Plus, you can
sing to it as well, I have played and sang to it and I think it's pretty good! (:

I don't[E] know how to get through this.
I don't know w[C]hat I keep doin.
I've been [G]running away, but I'm tired of being on the r[D]un.
I see my f[E]ace turn into stone.
Looking through the e[C]yes of my body's clone.
Shedding black e[G]yeliner tears that turn into spheres,
Running str[D]aight into my bones.
Oh, I've got a [C]secret.
I've got a s[G]ecret to [D]tell.
Nobody [C]knows me.
Nobody [G]knows me at [D]all.
I've got a [C]secret.

I don't k[E]now what I'm doing.
But, it's got me l[C]iving in my own hell.
I'm l[G]ying through my teeth, I'm drunk as a leech.
Conf[D]essing my sins to an angel.
I'm [E]begging forgiveness.
Cause at the [C]end of the world.
I want to [G]say that I lived.
I don't want to give my [D]soul to the god damn devil.

[G]Save me,S[D]ave me.
I think I'm [E]breaking.
Am I going c[C]razy'[D]
Can anyone h[G]elp'
I must be [D]out of my mind.
Cause I'm not a[C]lright,No, I'm not okay.
And I'll ne[E]ver see the[D] light.
'Til somebody [G]saves me.
[D]Whoa oh oh.
[C]Whoa oh oh. [E] [D]
This isn't all that I [G]am. [D]
With my head in my [C]hands.
I know d[C]eeply, truly.
Singing na na na n[G]a. [D]
Sing na na[C] na na, Somebody,Somebody.
[G]Save me,S[D]ave me.
I think I'm [C]crazy.
[G]Save me,Sa[D]ve me.
I think I'm [E]breaking.
Am I going [C]crazy'[D]
Can anyone [G]help'
I must [D]be out of my mind.
Cause [C]I'm not alright, No, I'm not okay.
And I'll [E]never see the [D]light.
'Til somebody [G]saves me.
[D]Whoa oh oh, Whoa [C]oh oh.
'Til [E]somebody saves [D]me.
Whoa [G]oh oh,I don't want to give my [D]soul to the god damn devil.

'Til somebody [C]saves.

[E]Somebody[D] ,Somebody. [G]
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