Savage Time chords

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Artist: Big Sean
[Intro: Big Sean]
Yeah (Secure enemy!)
Yeah, look (If they do not surrender, shoot 'em on sight! Shoot on sight!)

[Chorus: Big Sean]
[Bbm7]Talking to my momma half the time (yeah)
[Ab7]Talking to my daddy half the time
[Gbmaj7]Streets crazy, they don't salvage time
[Ebm7]Look at the news, that's savage time (woah)
[Gbmaj7]Rolex, that's savage time (Ro)
[Db7]Pass the licks, I ain't passing time (no)
[Ebm7]Cutthroat, we on savage time (huh?)
[Db7]Cutthroat, we on savage time

[Verse 1: Big Sean]
[Bbm7]Look, I'm taking out an[Ab7]yone in my way (way)
I'm not p[Gbmaj7]laying with you, bitch, this not the W[Ebm7]NBA (no)
I'm a r[Gbmaj7]eal-life star, so you k[Db7]now I need my space (you know)
Beat a [Ebm7]white supremacist black, till that mot[Dbmaj7]herfucker hate his face
I been g[Bbm7]oing through some issues that [Ab7]nobody dealing with
Surrounded by r[Gbmaj7]eal killers and shit, doing it [Ebm7]for the thrill of it
Gbma7 Dbmaj7
Graveyards on some "Thriller" shit; only zombies 'round here, fiends
They need [Ebm7]help and they had dreams, but don't nobody give a shit
Yeah, just l[Bbm7]ike them boys in cells who had dr[Ab7]eams of NFL (yeah)
How they s'[Gbmaj7]posed to pray to God if they keep waking up in h[Ebm7]ell? (oh God)
Been there [Gbmaj7]so long, they got pictures with the f[Dbmaj7]ucking devil himself
[Ebm7]Everybody need direction, even if it's to find they self
Look, I'm the gr[Bbm7]eatest of our time, bitch, I [Ab7]do it till I die (yeah, die)
Swear I'm do[Gbmaj7]ne with all the bullshit like I [Ebm7]moved up out the Chi' (like that)
All that f[Gbmaj7]uck shit obsolete, boy, I h[Dbmaj7]op up on my feet (my feet)
I'm the o[Ebm7]nly one stopping me
I give you one f[Dbmaj7]inger away for peace (fuck it)
I'ma t[Bbm7]ake that water from Flint, and I'ma [Ab7]go up there to D.C (D.C)
I'ma m[Gbmaj7]ake the president drink, he wouldn't e[Ebm7]ven let it touch his sink (drink)
I said, "[Gbmaj7]God, we need a blessing," God said, "[Dbmaj7]Go and see the reverend."
People l[Ebm7]ined outside the churches like it's the w[Dbmaj7]hite and blue 11's (Straight up)
[Bbm7]Hurricanes hitting with another b[Ab7]omb threat, man, this shit [Gbmaj7]feel like Armageddon (boom, woah, woah)
Swear I'm [Ebm7]goin' every second, so I keep good weed, good vibes, good crystals (yeah)
Lavender eucalyptus, mixing it with the incense (damn, damn)
Just to relieve my tension
[Bbm7]Savage time, yeah, it's [Ab7]time to take this shit (take it)
I mean, rec[Gbmaj7]ord-breaking shit, all we do[Ebm7]ing is taking risks (that's all)
I ain't got [Gbmaj7]time to take my time, I'm doin' it l[Dbmaj7]ike my life on the line
I ain't have [Ebm7]no lifeline in my whole lifetime, no [Dmaj7]hero to hide behind (behind)
With a so[Bbm7]ul like mine, when it go night t[Ab7]ime, there's no other choice but to shine (but to shine)
Look, n[Gbmaj7]o gold mines, set goals in my mind when the stars are aligned, I'm divine, straight (straight)
[Gbmaj7]So understand we gon' see success, that's in[Dbmaj7]evitable (woah)
[Ebm7]You couldn't hold me d[Bbm7]own even if I was in federal (woah)
You couldn't [Bbm7]stop these plays even if I was ine[Ab7]ligible
Kneeling like C[Gbmaj7]olin Kaepernick if th[Ebm7]at shit unethical (Kap)
[Gbmaj7]Yeah, free my mind, no bargain (free)
[Dbmaj7]Got one girl, she the hardest (I swear)
[Ebm7]That pussy supercharging, ma[Dbmaj7]king love between war and
[Bbm7]Then I hit the stage then get to ta[Ab7]lking like I'm Marcus Garvey (like I'm Marcus)
[Gbmaj7]Like how is dark skin a we[Ebm7]apon, but they treat it like a target?
[Gbmaj7]Like how if you rich in the mind, then [Dbmaj7]you already worth a fortune
Like [Ebm7]you deserve every s[Dbmaj7]ingle golden por— [gunshots]

[Ab7]Shots fired, I n[Gbmaj7]eed 'em right now!
[Ebm7]I need 'em, man down right n[Gbmaj7]ow! Shots f[Dbmaj7]ired, I re[Ebm7]peat backup r[Dbmaj7]equest! F[Bbm7]ront line, front line, front line!

[Bridge: Big Sean]
I am at a p[Ab7]oint where I just don't have [Gbmaj7]any more to [Ebm7]give or f[Bbm7]eel [Gbmaj7]
[Dbmaj7]How the fuck I'm supposed to feel?
[Bbm7]Shit's way too real in the field
[Bbm7]Tell me how the fuck I'm supposed to f[Gbmaj7]eel now?
Shit r[Ebm7]eal out here in the f[Gbmaj7]ield
Got me on no c[Ebm7]hill
[Bbm7]These b[Dbmaj7]itches got me on no ch[Bbm7]ill

[Segue: Travis Scott]
[Ab7]Ooh, ooh, ooh
[Gbmaj7]Ooh, ooh, [Ebm7]ooh [Gbmaj7] [Dbmaj7]

[Ebm7] [Dbmaj7]
[Bbm7] [Ab7]
[Gbmaj7] [Ebm7]
[Gbmaj7] [Dbmaj7] [Ebm7]

[Beat Switch]
[Bbm7] [Gbmaj7]

[Producer Tag: Future]
[Bbm7]If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' sh[Gbmaj7]oot you

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
[Bbm7]Young nigga heaven sent, ra[Gbmaj7]ising hell till it's heaven again
[Dbmaj7]My niggas used to sell dope, they was Backstreet Boys
[Ebm7]Cops land 'em on the pavement, now they black street boys
[Bbm7]Pinstripe suits, how I'm mobbing
[Gbmaj7]Alley-oop opportunities, yeah I lob it to [Dbmaj7]all of my niggas 'cause we got no other option
[Ebm7]I pray V12 is the only time I'm boxed in

[Ebm7]Fuck a fake hoe, that bitch toxic
[Ebm7]Push her off of me like I'm in mosh pits
Every day f[Ebm7]resh as fuck, you niggas never fly, you an ostrich
[Ebm7]Back room of the restaurant, we the mobsters
[Ebm7]Bitch, I'll never touch a mop in my life
[Ebm7]I'll never have a nine-to-five in my life
[Ebm7]I'm riding through the D with all my jewelries
So much love for me, I never get robbed in my life
[Bbm7]Aretha Franklin, re[Fm7]spect it, respect
[Bbm7]So in tune, I forgot how to stress
[Bbm7]So in tune like the choir that's blessed
[Bbm7]Boy, no stunt double, I'd [Fm7]die by the set, yeah
[Bbm7]Got signed up like a nigga protest
If I ai[Bbm7]n't a pro at it, then a nigga pro ef[Fm7]fect
Been d[Bbm7]oing this forever, I ain't getting old yet
B[Bbm7]itch, I'ma fill this up with Möet
And my [Bbm7]girl get mo' wet, only thing I cuff is Rolex
My ni[Bbm7]gga working with them bows, that's Bowflex
I straighten this shit out, no botox
I call the shots, no techs
[Fm]Rocking enough chains for four necks, bitch

[Outro: Travis Scott]
[Bbm7]Freedom bells, fr[Ebm7]eedom ring (yeah)
Free the e[Bbm7]yes, let 'em see
Free them birds, free them bi[Gbmaj7]rds (yeah, straight u[Bbm7]p)
[Ab7]Ooh, ooh, [Gbmaj7]ooh [Dbmaj7] [Ebm7]
[Fm] [Ab7] [Dbmaj7] [Ab7] [Ebm7]
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