Saturday Night chords

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Artist: Eagles
[G] 3x0003
[Em] 022000
[Am7] x02010
[D7] xx0212
[D] xx0232
[C] 032010
[Dm7] xx0211
[Am] x02210
[G7] 3x0001
[C/G] 332010
[E7] 022130
G#o7 xx3434
C#o7 x4535x

INTRO: [G] [Em] [Am7] [D7] [G] [D]

[G]Seems like a dream[Em] now it was so long ago [Am7]
The mo[D7]on burned so bright and the time went so sl[C]ow [D]
And I swo[G]re that I loved [Em]her and gave her [Am7]a ring
The bl[D]uebird was high on the wing [G]

[Am7]Whatever ha[G]ppened to Saturda[C]y Night [G]
[Am7]Finding a s[G]weetheart and holding her tight [Dm7]
She said "[Am]Tell me, oh, tell me[G] , was[C] I all right[G]'"
[C]Whatever happ[G]ened to Saturday N[D7]igh[G]t'[D7] [G]

The ye[G]ars brought the railroad,[Em] it ran by m[Am7]y door
Now there's boards[D7] on the windows and dust on the floor [C] [D]
And she passe[G]s the time at an[Em]other man'[Am7]s side
And I [D]pass the time w[D7]ith my pride [G] [G7]

[C]What a tangled web we [G]weave, go [G7]'round with c[C]ircumstance [G] [G7]
[C] [G] [Em] [G] C/[G] [G]
Somone show me how to tell the dancer from the dance

SOLO: [Am] [E7] [Am] [E7] [Am] [E7] [C] [D] [D7] G#o7

[Am7]Whatever h[G]appened to Saturda[C]y Night [G]
[Am7]Choosing a fr[G]iend and losing a fight' [Dm7]
She said "[Am]Tell me, oh, tell me[G] , are[C] you all right'[G]"
[C]Whatever happ[G]ened to Saturday [D7]Nig[G]ht[D7] [Em]
C#o7 [G/D] [D7] [G] [D7] [G] [C] [G]
Whatever happened to Saturday Night
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