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Artist: City Worship
[Bm]The atmosphere is [G]changing
I feel it in my [D]bones[A/C#]
[Bm]Something good is [G]happening
Your power in the un[D]known[A/C#]

As I [Em7]lift my hands to [F#m7]worship
Touch me [G]with Your [Bm]presence ag[A]ain

Saturate this pl[D]ace, Holy S[A/C#]pirit
Fill the air I [Bm]breathe, Move in [F#m]me
Show me Your [G]glory, power and [D/F#]majesty
Spirit [Em]come and have Your w[A]ay
Saturate my he[D]art, Holy S[A/C#]pirit
I surr[Bm]ender, move in [F#m]me
Take me [G]higher, closer to [D/F#]You
Spirit [Em]come and have Your w[A]ay
(Come have Your w[D]ay)

Spirit [D]fall[Em]
Glory [Bm]fall on [G]me
Spirit [D]fall[Em]
More of [Bm]You, [G]More
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