Satellite chords

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Artist: Depeche Mode
[Cm] [Fm] [G#] [G] - 4x

Now[Cm] hear this my fri[Fm]ends
I'll ne[Cm]ver be the same ag[Fm]ain
Going [Cm]to lock myself in a cold [Fm]black room
Going [Cm]to shadow myself in a veil [Fm]of gloom
[G#] I will function, o[G]perate
I will be a[Cm] satellite of h[Fm]ate
A[Cm] satellite of h[Fm]ate

Driven to this point by a chain of events
Each one pushed me nearer the edge
Going to send my message through to you
You'll receive the signal too
I will function, operate
I will be a satellite of hate

[Cm] Hig[Fm]her.[Cm] ..Hig[Fm]her

Disillusioned - I was disenchanted
Forgot the love that had been implanted
Heard the lies and I felt the cold
It broke my heart and I lost control
Now I'm a satellite of a free state
I'm a satellite of hate
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