Sassy Back Acoustic chords

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I'm bringing[Bm] sassy back,
And everything that you thought you can't forget
'Cause you know not[Bm]hing but my name.
And I don't wanna hear
About pe[A]ople I don't know.
Not yo[G]u, not h[Bm]im, not h[A]er, no.

Y[A]ou on[Bm]ly see wh[D]at I let you see,
[Bm] [D]
Nothing less and nothing more.
[D] [A] [G]
What you say is nothing new to me.
[BM] [A] [A] [D]
They say that kid he's got soul.
[BM] [A] [A] [G]
I'm everywhere that you go.
[Bm] [D] [D]
And I've been there, seen that, and I ain't taking you
No[A] -o[A] -o[G] .
O[Bm]h. Oh oh [Bm]oh oh.
O[D]h oh oh oh[Bm] oh.
Oh[D] oh o[D]h [D]oh oh [Bm]o-oh.
Oh.[Bm] Oh oh[Bm] oh oh.
Oh[D] oh oh[Bm] oh oh.
O-[A]oh. O-[A]oh.
O-o[G]h. O-[G]oh.
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