Sarajevo chords

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You don't [Am]have to sit back and watch the psychopaths fight
The [Em]hand of friendship is usally right
Most [Bb]peope want peace and a [E]home somewhere
They don't [A]care about the thugs and their [E]murderous stare
Now [A]we knew this, and for fourty years
A [E]brand new way replaced traditional fears
Most [Bb]people lived happily [E]side by side
No [A]place for terror, no [E]need to hide
But it [A]wasn't to the liking of the World Bank suits
Who [E]cheered when the tribes rediscovered their roots
They can [Bb]handle torture, [E]rape, and death
If it [A]opens up markets for the [E]IMF

And they're [A]free now, oh they're [E]free now
'A [Bb]chance for indi[E]viduals to com[A]pete' [E]
[A]Free now, oh they're [E]free now
[Bb]Fascists gun down [E]children in the [A]street. [E]

I [A]remember the message from Amnesty
That said the [E]whole damn lot of them should be free
No matter [Bb]what they say, no matter [E]what they do
'Cause "they're [A]all entitled to their [E]point of view"
The [A]liberals cheered when the money men won
Now they [E]cry in the face of the tank and the gun
And the [Bb]arms manufacturers are [E]having fun as well
Growing [A]fat on the profits of sec[E]tarian hell
Now [A]we always saw it another way
For a [E]hundred years, educate each day
And [Bb]suppress the thugs and their [E]murderous lies
Keep the [A]lid on the pot 'til the [E]hate boiled dry

But they're [A]free now, oh they're [E]free now
The [Bb]rape camp guards can [E]have a Big Mac for [A]tea [E]
[A]Free now, oh they're [E]free now
[Bb]Welcome to Western [E]liberal democra[A]cy. [E]

There's [Bb]freedom in Bischoffe[C]rode, [A]in East Germany
A [Bb]town closed due to "[C]economic un[A]viability"
The [Bb]word has become meaningless, a [C]travesty
For [Bb]there can be no [C]freedom without [Em]power for the free --
And that means more than shopping, actually. [A]

In Af[A]ghanistan in 1979
[E]Everybody swallowed the corporate line
Mis[Bb]ogynists from the twelfth [E]century
Were "[A]freedom fighters" on TV

The Western world took them to their hearts
The [E]Afghan nation was torn apart
And now [Bb]everything's gone, no one [E]seems to care
About the [A]awful nightmare [E]happening there
Civil [A]war in Kabul, fundamentalists clash
With [E]arsenals bought with Western cash
But the [Bb]9 o'clock news isn't [E]there anymore
They're [A]not fighting commies so it's [E]not a real war

They're [A]free now, oh they're [E]free now
They [Bb]freeze in Moscow, [E]burn in Chechny[A]a [E]
[A]Free now, oh they're [E]free now
[Bb]Fascism, war, [E]poverty, mafi[A]a
[A]Free now, oh they're [E]free now
Look "[Bb]freedom" up in the [E]latest dictionar[A]y [E]
[A]Free now, oh they're [E]free now
It says: "an [Bb]IMF loan and a [E]monetarist econo[A]my." [E]

In [A]East Berlin the satirists sing
[A]"Auf die Dauer hilft nur Mauer"
[A]We want our Wall back
[A]We want our Wall back
[A]Can we have our wall back, please?
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