Sara chords

Transpose 0
Artist: Diane Cluck
Capo 1
Dsus2 = 000230
Cadd9 = 032030

[Dsus2]broad spirit comes back along the way
[Dsus2]comes to me red, black, with a lot to say
[Cadd9]she sit my tail down, pull the wishbone wide[Dsus2]
s[Dsus2]he ream my head out along the way
[Dsus2]way, way , way , the way, [Cadd9]way

[Dsus2]she dig my hole, then, she toss me in
[Dsus2]her dirt rain / reign dark down my falling / fallen skin
[Cadd9]stripped so lonely i can’t even cr[Dsus2]y
[Dsus2]i lay my head down along the way
[Dsus2]way, way , way , the way, [Cadd9]way
[Cadd9]Inanna-na-na-na[Dsus2] -na

[Dsus2]Sara-Kali-Eresh[Cadd9]kigal- [Dsus2]Sara
[Dsus2]Sara-Kali-Eresh[Cadd9]kigal- [Dsus2]Sara

[Dsus2]broad spirit comes back
[Dsus2]she lay me out flat
[Dsus2]she pin my tail down
[Dsus2]pull the wishbone wide
[Dsus2]she ream my head out
[Dsus2]her dirt rain dark down[Cadd9]
‘[Cadd9]can’t even cry[Dsus2]
O[Dsus2]h’can’t even cry[Cadd9]
[Dsus2] [Cadd9] [Dsus2]
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