Santa Fe chords

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Artist: Alan Menken
[Fm7] [Bb/F] [Fm7] [Bb/F]
Folks, we [Fm7]finally got our [Bb/F]headline.
"Newsies [Fm7]Crushed as Bulls At[Bb/F]tack"
Crutchie's [Db/F]calling me,
Dumb [Eb/F]crip's just too damn [Bb/F]slow.[C/F]
Guys are [Fm7]fightin', bleedin' [Bb/F]fallin'
thanks to [Fm7]good ole' Captain [Bb/F]Jack.
Captain [Bb/C]Jack just wants to [C9]close his eyes and [Ab2]go.

Let me [Bb]go.
Far [Gm]away.
Somewhere [Eb]they won't [F/Eb]ever [Eb/Bb]find me[Bb] , and to[F/A]morrow [D/F#]won't re[Gm]mind me [Gm/F]of to[Eb]day.[Bb/D]
And the [Cm7]city's [F7]finally [Dm7]sleepin'[Gm7] .
And the [Cm7]moon looks [F7]old and [Dm7]grey. [Gm7]
I get [Dbmaj9]on a [Abmaj9]train thats [Gm7]bound for [C9]Santa [F7sus]Fe.

[F7]And I'm [Bb]gone.
And I'm [Gm]done.
No more [Eb]running. [F/Eb]No more [Cm/Bb]lying. [Bb]
No more [F/A]fat old [D/F#]man de[Gm]nying [Gm/F]me my [Eb]pay.
Just a [Cm7]moon so [F7]big and [Dm7]yellow[Bb/D] , it turns [Ebmaj7]night right [F/Eb]into [D7sus]day. [D7]
Dreams come [Cm7]true. Yeah they [F7sus]do. In Santa [Bb]Fe.[C/Bb] [Bb] [C/Bb]

[Eb]Where does it [F/Eb]say you [Eb]gotta [F/Eb]live and [Cm/Bb]die [Bb]here?[Cm/Bb] [Bb]
[Eb]Where does it [F/Eb]say a [Eb]guy can't [F/Eb]catch a [Bb2]break?[Bb]
[Bb/Ab]Why should you only take what you're given?
[Gm]Why should you spend your [Ebm/Gb]whole life living
[Gm2]trapped where there ain't no future. [Ebmaj7]Even at 17.
[G2]Breaking your back for someone else's [Ebmaj7]sake.
If the [Ab2]life don't seem to suit you, [Am7(b5)]how about a change of [D7sus]scene?[D7]
[Gm2]Far from the lousy [Gm2/F]headlines and the [F/G]deadlines in between.
[G7] [Fmaj7/G] [F/G]

[G7sus]San - [G7]ta [C]Fe, my old [Am]friend.
I can't [F]spend my [G/F]whole life [F/C]dreaming.[C]
Though I [G/B]know thats [E/G#]all I [Am]seem in[Am/G]clined to [F]do.[C/E]
I ain't [Dm7]getting [G7]any [Em7]younger[C/E] .
And I [Fmaj7]wanna [G7/F]start brand [E7sus]new. [E7]
I need [Dm9]space. And fresh [Fmaj7/G]air.
Let 'em [C]laugh in my [Em/B]face. I don't [Am]care.
[Em/G]Save my [Fmaj7]place. I'll be [G7sus]there.[G]

[C/G] [D/G] [C/G] [D/G]

Just be [Eb/G]real is all I'm [C/G]asking.
Not some [Eb/G]painting in my [C/G]head.
Cause I'm [Am/D]dead if I can't [F/G]count on you to[Am]day.[Am/G]
I got [Ab]nothing [Ab/G]if I [Fm7]ain't got [Em/G]San- [G]ta [Am]Fe.[Am11]
[Ab] [Bb/Ab] [C]
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