Santa Bunny chords

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Artist: Anonnoname
[C]Santa B[Am]unny, s[F]lip yourself [G]under the t[C]ree for [Am]me
[F] G. [C]
Been an awful good geck
[C]Santa [Am]Bunny, just [F]bunny hop the h[G]eras right n[C]ow[Am] [F] [G]

[C]Santa [Am]Bunny, a [F]Grabber and [G]Chipper Wagon t[C]oo, mid b[Am]lue
[F]Are parked [G]up on my [C]street
[C]Santa B[Am]unny, just [F]Santa Dash the [G]barriers n[C]ow [Am] [F] [G]

[E]Think of all the walls I've kissed
[A]Think of all the Arbs that I’ve really pissed
[D]Next week I could be just as good
[G]If you make sure you’re never missed

[C]Santa [Am]Bunny, [F]I want the [G]felling to s[C]top, this ch[Am]ristmas
[F] G. [C]
Tree protecting all year
[C]Santa [Am]Bunny, it’s [F]naughty step for L[G]odgey [C]tonight
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