Sandman chords

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Artist: America
[Am]Ain't it foggy outside
[F]all the planes have been [Em]grounded
[Am]ain't the fire inside

[F]let's all go stand around [Em]it
[Am]funny, I've been there
[D]and you've been here
[G]and we ain't had no time to [Am]drink that beer

'Cause [Am]I understand you`ve been [G]runnin` from the man
that go[D]es by the name of the [Am]Sandman
[Am]He flys the sky like an ea[G]gle in the eye of a [D]huricane thats a[Am]bandoned

[Am]Ain't the years gone by fast
[F]I supose you have [Em]missed them
[Am]and I almost forgot to ask
[F]did you heard of my en[Em]listment

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