Sanctuary chords

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Artist: Avail
[A]I need a place[D] to lay my [A]head
[A]safely out of sight from[D] where I [A]am

[D]somewhere [A]under control where[E] no ones lead
[D]a simple [A]change of mood that[E] I havent found yet

[E]I wanna be up in front of an [A]audience and forget it all
[B]dont wanna set myself up for [A]a fall
[E]I'll say it til im [A]blue in the face, wont
[B]get a response,[A] lets hope any
[E]day now to[A]day now
[B]say the name of an unknown [A]place and im leaving
[E]reason - gimme one [A]reason
a short invi[B]tation - or [A]none at all

then verse 1, then chorus

[C#] - [G#] - [C#] - [A] - [C#] - [B] - [A] x2

then chorus again.
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