San Ysidro chords

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[C] [Am] [Em] [F] (x2)

[C] Do I h[Am]ave a shadow for [Dm]you [Em] [F]
[C] There's finally[Am] daylight shining [G]through [Em] [F]
[C] For what it's [Am]worth, if it's worth it [Dm]to you [Em]
[F] I haven't[C] mov[Am]ed-[Em]


[Em] [F] [Bm] (x2)

[C] All this[Am] snow has just turned me[Em] blue [F]
[C] The bitter air[Am] is no rescue[Em] [G]
[C] Pacific[Am] sun, I am coming[Dm] for yo[Em]u
[Em] Cause I've blown[F] my[C] fuse [Am] [Em] [G]

[Dm] San [G]Ysidro sun, warm my [C]bones
[F] I've been [G]so [Dm]cold
[G] I've Been so[F] cold [C] [G]


[C] [Am] [Em] [F] (x2)

[C] [Am] [Em] [G]

[C] [Am] [C] [Em]

[F] [Bm] [G] [Em]

[F] [Bm] [G] [Dm]

[G] San Ysidro sun, warm[C] my bone[F]s
[F] I've been so[Dm] cold
[G] Ive been so[F] cold[C] [F]

[Dm] San[G] Ysidro sun, warm my[C] bones
[F] If it's[Dm] with y[G]ou, then I'm not scared of g[Em]rowing o[C]ld [F] [G] [C]
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