San Bernadino chords

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Artist: Christie
[Eb] [A#] [Eb] (x4)

[Eb]I've been all around this[Gm] great big world to[Cm] Paris and to[Gm] Rome,
and I've[Eb] never found a[Gm] place that I could[G#] really call my[Bb] own.
But there's[Cm] one place where I know the sun is[Gm] shining endlessly,
and it's[Bb] calling me[Bb7] across the sea, so I[Bb] must get back to
[Bb7]San Bernard[Eb]ino.[A#] [Eb]

[Eb]I remember when I [Gm]was sixteen my [Cm]Daddy said to [Gm]me,
you could [Eb]travel around this [Gm]universe until [G#]etern..[Bb]ity,
but you'll[Cm] never find that peace of mind that[Gm] you've

been dreaming of..
not [Bb]until you [Bb7]finally decide to [Bb]come on home to
[Bb7]San Bernar[Eb]dino. [A#] [Eb]

[Eb]Oh, I'm longing[Bb] for San Berna[Eb]rdino,
[Cm]Oh, I'm longing[Gm] for San Berna[Bb]rdino.

I've been[Eb] all along the[Gm] water right up[Cm] to the Rio[Gm] Grande,
and I've[Eb] never found that[Gm] paradise they[G#] call the promised[Bb] land.
I was [Cm]young, and foolishly I thought the [Gm]world was at my feet,
but [Bb]I'm no different[Bb7] now, and so I'[Bb]m homeward bound for
[Bb7]San Bernar[Eb]dino[A#] . [Eb]

Well, I'm[Eb] older and I'[Gm]m wiser, and [Cm]I see the light o[Gm]f day,
and I [Eb]think it's time to[Gm] realize my[G#] dreams have gone [Bb]astray.
But I've[Cm] tried so hard to reach that star that[Gm] was so far away,
so, [Bb]now I got to [Bb7]find that road that's[Bb] leading home to
[Bb7]San Bernar[Eb]dino[A#] . [Eb]

[Eb]Oh, I'm longing[Bb] for San Berna[Eb]rdino..
[Cm]Oh, I'm longing[Gm] for San Berna[Bb]rdin[Bb7]o. [A#] [Bb7] [Eb]

[Eb] [A#] [Eb](x5)(Fade.)

A seventies smash from Kraziekhat.
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