San Antonio Rose Singalong chords

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Artist: Bob Wills
A [F7]song of old San [F+]An - [Bb]tone.
Where in dreams I [Bb7]live with a [Eb]memo[C7]ry,
Be[F7]neath the stars all a[Bb]lone.
It was there I found [Bb7]besi[Eb]de the Alam[C7]o
En[F7]chantment strange as the [Bb]blue up above.
A moonlit [Bb7]pass [Eb]only she would [C7]know,
Still [F7]hears my broken song of [Bb]love.

[F]Moon in all [Fdim]your [C7]splen[F]dor, know [C7]only [Abm]my [C9]heart
[C]Call back [Abm]my [C9]Rose, Rose of [F]San Antone.
Lips so [Fdim]sweet [F]and [C7]ten[F]der, like [C]petals falling apart.[C9]

[C]Speak once [Abm] a - [C9]gain of my [F]love, my [F7]own.
[Bb]Broken [Bb7]song, empty [Eb]words I [C7]know still [F7]live in my heart all [F+]a - [Bb]lone
For that [Bb]moonlit [Bb7]pass by the [Eb]Alam[C7]o, and [F7]Rose, my Rose of San An[Bb]tone.
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