Samuel Oh How Youve Changed chords

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Artist: Al Stewart
[Eb]Most of the better bred[Bb] woolen toy[Cm]s have gone to [Gm]bed
And the [Ab]teddy bear is a-[Eb]sleeping in the [Ebsus4]cupboard
And the [Eb]wooden soldiers a[Bb]ll and the [Cm]rubber bouncing bal[Gm]l
Are [Ab]list'ning to the [Eb]tales of mother Hu[Ebsus4]bbard [Eb]
But the fa[Ab]iry lights are dark on the Christmas tree as restelssly
I [Eb]stand here for[Cm]gotten and a-l[F7]one [Bb7]
I've been [Eb]too long on the [Bb]floor, I can't [Cm]stay here any [Gm]more
So [Ab]Jenny won't you [Eb]please take me [Ebsus4]home. [Eb]

[Eb]Statues that I see are [Bb]made out of [Cm]blackest [Gm]ivory
But I [Ab]pass them by never to [Eb]guessing of their [Ebsus4]meaning
And a [Eb]million voices [Bb]cry as I [Cm]walk across the [Gm]sky
Though it's [Ab]restless here [Eb]why it's only in-[Ebsus4]betweenin[Eb]g
For the [Ab]journey that I'm on is incomplete so to my feet
I must [Eb]rise now to tr[Cm]avel on [F7]alone[Bb7]
Ah, but if you've [Eb]got some time to [Bb]spend in between [Cm]now and the en[Gm]d
Oh [Ab]Jenny won't you [Eb]please take me [Ebsus4]home. [Eb]

[Eb]Almost every word that [Bb]I've said that [Cm]you have heard[Gm]
Hides [Ab]another thought left u[Eb]nspoke[Ebsus4]n
And if I may not r[Eb]each it t[Bb]hrough the [Cm]gutter of my spe[Gm]ech
Then it [Ab]best be left u[Eb]nsaid than lie un[Ebsus4]broken [Eb]
And if [Ab]you wish to see then from time to time look in my eyes
Oh the [Eb]gold is not [Cm]far beneath the [F7]stone[Bb7]
Mmm and [Eb]if that will not [Bb]say it doesn't ma[Cm]tter anyway [Gm]
Oh [Ab]Jenny won't you [Eb]please take me [Ebsus4]home. [Eb]
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