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Artist: Adult Mom
[G]I [D]walk [C]back [G]to [D]the place where [C]I lost it
A[G]nd these [D]places [C]remain all the [G]same [C]
[G]You [D]tell [C]me [G]anger [D]is not [C]good for the body
[G]And you [D]say I cha[C]nged
But who’s to [G]blame[C] ?
[Em]Oh, [Am]I will[C]
[Em]Hate you [Am]until I [C]am still
[Em]Oh, [Am]I wil[C]l
[Em]Embr[Am]ace the [C]ways
[D]I still stay the [G]same [D] [C] [G] [D] [C]

[G]And [D]you took a [C]hard squeeze
[G]At [D]the soft [C]spots of my body
[G]And these s[D]pots will r[C]emain
Touched in [G]vai[C]n
And [Em]oh, [Am]I wil[C]l
[Em]Apolog[Am]ize until I [C]am ill
And [Em]oh, I[Am] wil[C]l
[Em]Take[Am] the b[C]lame
[D]And you will stay the [G]same [D] [C] [G] [D] [C]
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