Salty Water chords

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[Fmaj7]And wo[C]ul[Am7]d your best friends follow you'
[Fmaj7]All ou[C]t [Fmaj7]to see[C] , oh silence ye,
[Fmaj7]Your s[C]al[Am7]ty water's hard to swallow
[Em]Yea[G]h I know, Yeah I know
[C]Wh[Em]en all your greatest hopes
[Am]Wer[Em]e all bound up in ropes
[Am]All[Em] bound up in ropes
[C]Sh[Em]all we leave our bodies in the Peak District
[Am]Und[Em]er rattles and twigs _________
[Am]I h[Em]ope that we can go back soon
[Fmaj7]I hope[Em] that we can go back soon

Repeat for next verse and double chorus
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